About Elva Mae Boutique

Our mission is to Embrace, Love, Value, and Affirm women through fashion, art, music, and community. 
What we stand for:
We are ELVA – a body positive community and boutique of real women.


Did you know that roughly 68% of American women wear a size 14 & up, yet only about 2.3% of the largest multi-brand retailers carry plus size (or as we like to say, Curvy) clothing? Now let’s talk about unfair pricing for our Curvy Girl. You’re in the mall, you stop inside a store that specializes in plus size clothing, and you finally see a cute top or jeans, then you look at the price tag and your eyes widen with horror. You think to yourself, “This basic graphic tee is $70 when I know I could get it in a regular size for about $30?!” Irritated, you leave the store and continue your search, until you just get frustrated and leave the mall altogether. We understand your frustration, which is why we never charge more for Curvy items that also come in regular sizes.

We get it. It’s not easy finding clothes that fit our body types, because as women, we are all shaped differently, which is what makes us so uniquely beautiful. Online shopping, while convenient, also has its drawbacks as we all know. If your items don’t fit, you must pay for return shipping, then you have to wait for your exchange to come in a few weeks later. This is why we offer fast, FREE shipping on ALL orders, and FREE RETURNS on regular-priced items. Our goal is to make your shopping experience as easy as possible, and we genuinely want you love your purchase! We love hearing women tell us how beautiful and trendy they feel when they wear our clothes. We also feel that diversity is very important. If you follow our Instagram feed, you’ll see that we use a range of women of different heights, sizes, and ethnicities because it is important that women everywhere see themselves represented by our brand.

We see you. We Embrace You. We Love You for the woman You Are. We Value You not only as customers, but as strong, powerful women. We Affirm You because we all need that reminder sometimes that we matter. Welcome to Elva Mae, Gorgeous.

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Meet our partners

Originally from the Bronx, NY, Ashley Booker, COO moved to Atlanta when she was fourteen years old. Her work experience is thirteen years in customer service management. She obtained her A.A. in Criminal Justice from University of Phoenix. Ashley is also our creative director and brand ambassador. She is married with two beautiful children. Her passions are family, music, social justice, and art. 
Deanna Rice, CEO and founder, has been passionate about fashion since childhood. From a very young age she collected Delia's magazines and began drawing fashion illustrations, in hopes of becoming a professional fashion illustrator. Using her younger sister as a muse, she loved dressing her up for "photo shoots" and styling outfits. Deanna has a B.A. in Marketing from Kennesaw State University. Her work background includes retail management and visual merchandising. She is married with two kids, and an adorable chocolate labrador retriever. Formerly the owner of Rice Tasty Treats, she still enjoys baking and cooking. Her passions are family, fashion, social justice, and food.